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What Stability at Speed and Loitering Mean to Law Enforcement & Homeland Security
Quicker detection of problems.  Greater ability to identify...Locate...Make your decision...And engage with greater accuracy.  
Flat Turning Affects Weapons-Handling Ability - Click on pictures to enlarge
Turning  right.jpg (100752 bytes) Turning close left.jpg (105630 bytes) Turning close.jpg (100528 bytes) Mission Marine Video 1   Mission Marine Video 2
Mission Marine 288 Hardtop turning at locked wheel position to starboard at 30 MPH.
Missions yield improved weapons handling conditions because they are capable of nearly flat turning so the weapon remains vertically fixed on its target. 
What Better Stability and Better Ride Mean to Weapons-Handling Capabilities
1.  Better stability and ride mean less fatigue, which means the soldiers are better prepared to fight when called to do so.
2.  Better stability and ride mean quicker acquisition of target.  You hit what you shoot at.  This means you have less potential for casualties on board.  This means you have more soldiers ready to fight.  Ultimately, you win the battle more quickly.


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